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Reach for the STARS!

This is Clara. And let me say, God is doing something awesome in the JP kids, because the poverty mentality is one of worthlessness and hopelessness, BUT here at the Jeremiah Project we share God's HOPE of dignity, value, love, forgiveness, acceptance, adoption into God's family through JESUS! This is what we do day in and day out, and it is amazing to see how God works through this ministry to change the lives of these children.

For example, on this beautiful day the assignment was simply to draw yourself. Well, Clara drew herself as a princess in the stars! Yay, Clara! You are a princess! God made you unique and special and capable to reach the stars! PRAISE GOD!

Of course, what we do would not be possible without our financial ministry partners who give every month and every year to support the work that God is doing through The Jeremiah Project here in Guatemala. We continually give thanks to God for YOU for supporting us through gifts and prayers. Because of the gifts you give we are able to share God's hope and love with each of our JP kids, including Princess Clara. Thank you!


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