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Surprised by Blessings

Over the past three months of government regulations, complete and partial lockdowns, the crippling of our economy, and overarching fear of the unknown, we have been reinventing what it is to minister to the families and communities we serve. To bring assistance, hope, and a bit of joy into the lives of the kids and parents struggling to make impossible ends meet. To help with homework and create opportunities for fun. To hug and laugh and talk together, breaking the chains of loneliness and fear that have gripped us all. Josue, our director, asked me if I had been surprised by anything over the past months of visiting families' homes, food deliveries, tutoring, and fun activities. I couldn't think of an answer at the time, but now I can. I am surprised by the gifts God has given each of us, each of our families through this difficult time. Some don't feel like gifts or blessings. Dads and moms losing their masonry, restaurant, or cleaning jobs doesn't feel like a blessing at all. It hurts. Yes, very much so. Yet, in visiting these families we see parents spending more time with their kids than they have perhaps ever been able to before. Through the pain of poverty stretched to the extreme we have witnessed local schools step up to provide staple food items to families and teachers visiting their students on mountainsides to deliver homework. We have seen parents get imaginative in growing gardens, selling products, and providing for their families in creative ways. Many times it still doesn't fill the financial gap, the food bags, the odd jobs, but it has been amazing to see people step up in incredible ways for their families and communities. Please join us in prayer for all of our JP families as they struggle to find provisions that would sustain them through this crisis. And please give if you can so that we can continue to step up for them as well. Thank you!!!

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