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An Unexpected Turn

I asked Alejandra’s permission to use this from her writing journal. The prompt was to write about an unforgettable moment.

When I felt part of the Jeremiah Project Family, when I felt loved by the people here. (At first) I felt like a stranger, but all of a sudden it was as if it were my home. Thank you for opening the doors of the Jeremiah Project and for permitting my life to make an unexpected turn. It was an unexpected but good turn. All these people have made me feel like they are interested in what happens to me and they support me. And they believe that I can make it. Each one of these people form part of me, they have helped form who I am now.

(Alejandra and I at our INSOL Middle School Graduation Celebration)

The Jeremiah Project gives children and youth the opportunity to freely be themselves, find their voice and BE HEARD.

Thank you so much for supporting us and the Jeremiah Project!

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