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Congrats, Graduates!

The Jeremiah Project is proud to announce that we had 12 sixth grade graduates and 2 middle school graduates! Seen above are 9 of the 12 sixth graders. They are from El Hato, a small town up on the mountain north of Antigua. Sixth grade may not sound like much to some one from the USA but this is a great accomplishment for them. They may be the most educated in their families! Working or taking care of younger siblings commonly keep children from school. But because of your support that enables the Jeremiah Project to build relationships with these kids, share God's hope, work with their parents, invest in their lives, play with them, value them, love them... because of all these things, these kids have diplomas in their hands! THANK YOU for being part of God's work through your prayers and financial support!

And if you'd like to help support these kids and many others as they continue their educational careers, head over to our Donate page to become a monthly partner or give a one-time gift. Your partnership makes a world of difference to these kids!

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