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Rockin' the Runway!

Wendy rocked the runway last night at her design school fashion show! I’m proud of her! And she had the most excellent model in Seño Nancy! I proud of her too! They’re both SuperGirls! Scroll down to check out the beautiful shots Josue took of this special night!

What a gorgeous young lady!

She looks like a warrior as she strides down the runway.

And whats more, she is wearing her very own original design,

and tailored by her own hands.

Nancy projecting strength and beauty as she takes her turn down the runway.

Look at that fabulous dress with the beautifully integrated Mayan indigenous textile!

Congratulations, Wendy, on this beautiful design, and

way to go, Nancy, for being the perfect model for this lovely dress!

Here are a few shots after the event:

Both ladies in their gorgeous dresses posing with Wendy's mother Catalina.

She must be so proud of her amazing daughter!

What a great shot of this beautiful family!

Thanks, Sam, for helping out the photographer!

We just had to jump in there too! We are so proud of you, Wendy! Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with the world and for inviting us to take part in this special event! You are an amazing young lady and I can't wait to see the future God has in store for you. We love you!

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