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HOPE and a Future

The Jeremiah Project is a holistic support center that shares God's hope through relationships that are developed in our programs to enrich quality of life. This past month the JP kids and I have heard, seen, touched, and experienced hope. Together we are sowing hope and reaping life.

Most importantly, we have hope in our Lord Jesus Christ who lived, died and rose again so that we might know God and be in relationship with Him! This picture is of our church drama last Sunday on Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection for Easter.

Vidalia has hope for a better future for her children as she has a steady job, working at the Jeremiah Project!

Here are Paola, Clara and Yesenia. They have hope pass their classes and to graduate from 6th grade in that elementary school in El Hato.

Maria has hope to complete 4th, 5th and 6th grade this year in the new program at the accelerated school for children older than their grade level.

Christopher, who goes by Titi, is in Kindergarden and has hope for help with homework as he learns what it is like to be in school.

Many of our kids have hope for teeth that don't hurt all the time.

Juan, on the right, graduated from the University with a degree in Clinical Psychology two years ago and has just opened up his own clinic! We have hope with him that it will be a thriving clinic that helps many!

Hope for healing: Pray for Ale’s mom who is diabetic and has gall bladder stones and pancreas issues. She was in the hospital for a week and was recently released.

Many of you already partner with us to share hope with these Guatemalan communities. Thank you so much for supporting Jeremiah Project and our kids and families!

And if you would like to become a Partner for HOPE you can do that right here on our website! Just hop over to our Donate page to give today.

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