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Thanksgiving is here! What a great opportunity to reflect upon the year, remember all the things God has done and give him thanks. Among the Jeremiah Project Family's list of blessings this year is you! Thank you for your love, support and prayers!

We are thankful for Vidalia. She works at the Jeremiah Project part time helping Tomasa cook and also cleaning. She is a widow with five children, two of which graduated this year: Dalia, from kindergarten and Amilcar from 6th grade!

I am thankful for MOMS who show up to graduations, supporting their kids!

I am super thankful for the Jeremiah Project Family!! Here we are working together to cross the "rivers of lava" from the Fire Volcano on planks that miraculously don't burn to get to safety.

I am thankful for Silvia and her sister Mariela. They are Kimberly's cousins and new to the JP this year!

I am thankful for celebrating birthdays at the JP! It's so fun and for many it's all they get for their birthday!

I am thankful for our JP library full of book and that our JP kids are readers!

I am thankful my head has healed from the scary fall I took playing soccer!

I am thankful for Wendy and her family.

I am thankful we made the exception to let this little guy, Cristofer, come to JP. His older brothers, Kevin and Lusvin come and their mom works so we said it would be ok if he was here for the couple hours between the babysitter and when Zoila gets off work.

I am thankful for board games!

& I'm thankful for time to play and just be a kid!

I am thankful for Missionary Kid Homeschool Coop! Here are some students painting like Jackson Pollock. I love this group! It's so great to teach art and also to spend time with all the missionary moms!

I am thankful for ice cream and Maribel who started Jr High this year. We opened up a new morning time frame for the 7 Jr. Highers from El Hato.

& I am thankful for how much our kiddos love getting ice cream at McDonalds. Can't you see Ronald in our selfie?

I am thankful for having JP kids over on Tuesday Nights for dinner and games!

I am thankful for Sam, our new staff member at the JP! He has been a huge blessing to myself and the JP kids!

I am thankful for 5 Jr High graduates from INSOL!!! Pray for them as they move on to career training in High School next year. This is Claudia and her parents at our graduation dinner.

I am thankful for delicious lunches in the JP prepared by Tomasa!

I am thankful for this beautiful country, Guatemala

and the exercise taking hikes with the JP kids!

I am thankful our new Nissan van! I don't know how we would have made this year without it! Thank you Jesus!

I am thankful for supporters like you, who are interested in how we are doing and what is going on in our lives, who read our updates, pray for us and support us financially on a regular basis! THANK YOU!!!

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