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Kid's Day!

October 1st is officially Kid's day in Guatemala! I don’t know how we got out of this in the States (???) but here, all the schools celebrate it and so do we!!!

It basically is a fun day of games, food and piñatas!! So that’s what we did!

And of course, I took advantage to have our bible devotion on Jesus receiving the children because I wanted to remind the kiddos that THEY ARE IMPORTANT, VALUABLE AND WORTHWILD! Jesus even said “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

We also sponsored the cakes for the El Hato School’s celebration.

At the JP we had cupcakes!

The El Hato school had a clown, face paint, mimes and other fun activities.

I always want the adolescents to participate in Kid’s day because it’s fun! This year, we decided as a staff to have the older group also prepare an activity for another group of kids. We visited Ahava Ministries in Pastores!

We took and shared our board games for the afternoon. Each partner of JP kids prepared to teach a small group of Ahava kids a board game and them play together.

It was a great time interacting with other kids, playing and having fun together. Good job JP kids!

Then we traded the Ahava groups so they would learn and play different games. The adolescents were in charge of everything from the welcoming words, ice breaker to the game teaching and playing.

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