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First Ever Jeremiah Project Retreat!

About 2 months ago, God gave me the idea of having a summer camp/retreat for the JP kids. I was impacted by my experiences at summer camp and I wanted our kid's to have that same opportunity to be away from routine and family and be surrounded by God's creation and have Bible studies that further their relationship with God!

YES! High expectations but not high enough for our awesome God because He orchestrated it all to come together and happen last weekend, from Thursday to Saturday, July 28-30th.

With the CBC team from Stillwater, OK on Thursday July 28 at 3:00 am we headed out, 54 in all to Finca Ixobel, Peten. After stops for breakfast, a Mayan archaeological site tour, lunch & potty break we arrived 14 hours later.

The desire God put on my heart was that the Kids for really KNOW GOD, not just about Him or of Him but KNOW Him and seek to KNOW him better. I gave an opening Bible Study/testimony on Thursday night (seen above) and Josue gave 3 more on Friday.

Everyone was mixed together, Americans, JP kids from Antigua and JP kids from el Hato for their room assignments, games, etc.

We especially enjoyed the laguna!

I am so proud of our the JP family including the CBC team worked together and played together and glorified God together! AWESOME!

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